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Sexual concerns counselling

Dianne has a passion for working with intimacy and sexuality issues with individuals and couples.


Sexuality is about fun, joy and pleasure and is a gift when it is not used for power or domination over another. Dianne works with both western and eastern approaches in her sexuality work using mindfulness and breathing techniques. Dianne has conducted Awakening Sexual Desire Workshops, Orgasm workshops and Couple Workshops to enhance a couple’s sexual relationship for years. She includes these ideas, strategies and techniques in her sexual counselling. Clients can book a double session to learn and practice the breathing techniques which can enhance arousal and focus.

Part of sexual counselling is educational, giving accurate information about sexuality to enable realistic expectations and good communication. Dianne helps clients to expand ideas of their intimacy, sensuality and sexuality. Sex is so much more than intercourse or particular behaviours.

As sexual concerns often cause tension, conflict and distance between couples, this may will need to be addressed first. The first session will be to gain an overview and understanding of the issues that bring an individual or couple in for counselling and to see if the client feels comfortable with the counsellor. Expectations will be discussed and setting goals for the counselling to work on the issues. Some practical strategies may be given. 

Differences of sexual desire and arousal difficulties are the most common sexual concerns that are presented in her practice. This can be an issue for either partner. The majority of people presenting with low desire are women.


Couples can easily get into a pattern where increasing distance and tension can persist when there is a sexual issue. Dianne assists both partners to have realistic expectations and explore ways to bring back intimacy and sensuality as well as strategies to enjoy a more regular sex life.

Even with an individual concern if the woman is in a relationship then it is helpful to have the partner be involved for some sessions.

Help for women


  • Pain with intercourse (dyspareunia, vulvodynia)

  • Vaginismus, (a condition where penetrative sex is either very painful or not possible)

  • Orgasm Difficulties

  • Low Desire

  • Arousal Difficulties

  • Persistant Arousal

  • Sexual Aversion

Help for men

  • Delayed ejaculation

  • Rapid ejaculation know as Premature Ejaculation

  • Erectile Dysfunction (maintaining or getting an erection)

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Low Sexual Desire

Help for couples

  • Mismatched Libidos

  • Relationship Difficulties

  • Sexuality & Aging


Dianne also provides counselling for the following concerns:

  • Resuming a sexual life after injury, chronic illness or disability

  • Sexual abuse

  • Gender and sexual orientation counselling

  • Sexual fears, phobias, etc

If you would like to talk about how Dianne can help with any sexual concerns, please contact us below.

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