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Dianne Ervine

BA (Applied Social Science) Master of Social work (MSW)

Dianne is an accredited Mental Health Social worker.  Stress, depression and anxiety are issues that often bring people for in for counselling. Life can  present many stressful situations which require change and adaptation.  It can  feel overwhelming.   She offers strategies  to manage depression and anxiety ranging from  CBT, relaxation and mindfulness techniques.   Dianne assists people in seeing new perspectives, being aware of their thoughts and recognising their resilience.

Dianne has a Master of Social Work from the University of Toronto and is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and a Master clinician with the Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors.

She has over 25 years’ experience as a counsellor. She is empathic, easy to talk to and has a realistic and practical approach drawing on extensive experience and training. She does not keep people dependent on a counselling process.


She equips clients with skills and strategies to manage their life situations. She has been in private practice since 2003, specialising in relationship, sexuality, loss, depression, anxiety and self-esteem issues.

Prior to setting up her own practice, she worked at Relationships Australia for 20 years as a senior counsellor and supervisor. She has had a special interest in the field of human sexuality throughout her career counselling working with people with disabilities and chronic medical conditions. She coordinated the Sexual Concerns Service at Relationships Australia for several years and conducted the popular Coffee Cake and Sex Seminars for couples. She has taught medical students at the University of Adelaide and Flinders University in treating sexual concerns.

In private practice, she developed 2 innovative workshops for women, Awakening Sexual Desire in Women and Orgasm workshops which she presented at the World Sexuality Symposium at Montreal and Sydney.

Dianne was President of ASSERT SA (Australian Association of Sexual Educators, Researchers & Therapists). from 2003 until 2011. She was an accredited professional member. In 2012 she was honoured with Life Membership of ASSERT which is now known as Society of Australian Sexologists (SAS) for her work in the Sexology field.

Dianne has conducted several training workshops for professionals working with sexuality and intimacy issues in relationship counselling and counselling with women’s sexuality issues. She is available to do this on request.

She provides supervision and consultation for professional counsellors and health workers. Dianne has had regular talk-back sessions on several radio stations and appearances on television in Adelaide discussing sexual and relationship issues.

She is an entertaining speaker and has been invited to speak at various conferences and community forums on sexual health topics. The topics have included sexuality after spinal injuries, kidney disease, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, lung and heart transplant, stroke, and breast cancer. She has also given talks on enhancing sexuality in relationships and how to assist women with painful intercourse and or desire and arousal issues.

Professional memberships

  • Accredited Mental Health Social Worker of Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)

  • Accredited Social Worker of Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)

  • Master Clinician Member of AARC
    Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors

  • Dianne Ervine PACFA Reg. 20832 Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia

  • Life Member of SAS (formely ASSERT)
    Society of Australian Sexologists

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