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Mental health & Self-esteem counselling

Dianne is an accredited Mental Health Social worker.  Stress, depression and anxiety are issues that often bring people for in for counselling. Life can  present many stressful situations which require change and adaptation.  At times it can  feel overwhelming.   She offers strategies  to manage depression and anxiety ranging from  CBT, relaxation and mindfulness techniques.   Dianne assists people in seeing new perspectives, being aware of their thoughts and recognising their resilience.


Self esteem affects how a person feels, thinks and behaves. Dianne assists clients in a process to change negative programming and self talk which can be like a constant chatter in ones’ head. This chatter can contribute to loss of confidence, depression or feelings of anxiety.

Self esteem is about our commitment to self, how we nurture, care and value ourselves. This work may involve healing past hurts or finding ways to manage anxiety or depression.


As a practitioner, Dianne has a strong commitment to her own self- development and growth which is an ongoing process. She is able to guide her clients in their commitment to self with techniques and strategies.

Dianne has conducted Positive Thinking and Self Esteem workshops for years so can assist with many practical ideas and strategies to assist clients in finding clarity and taking steps to achieve goals to improve their emotional and physical well being.

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