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Women's  2 hour workshop

Awakening sexual desire

Concerns of lowered desire or lack of desire are common for many women.

Many women report enjoying sex once they are participating, however it is often difficult to have the motivation to get started and the interest to continue to have regular sexual experiences.

This workshop is for women who would like to increase their desire and intimacy with their partner.

It will benefit women who experience pain with sexual intercourse which can also affect desire.


In this workshop you will:


  • Learn ways to change thought patterns to view their body, sexuality and desire more positively.

  • Learn strategies, to care, nurture and feel better about their body.

  • Learn techniques to assist if intercourse is painful.

  • Learn mindfulness to calm the mind and relax the body to stay focused during sexual activity.

  • Learn breathing techniques to charge the body with energy to increase focus, desire and arousal.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring along a pillow, as some of the exercises will be on the floor.

Participants keep their clothes on! This workshop is educational and fun.

Fee: -  $320

Contact for Registration  -  Dianne Ervine 0413 533 414